Specialized Internships Programs

Internship Programs are available for students seeking various ways to enhance their skills, experience, and even bolster future job prospects. Many of the schools listed on this site do offer specialized internships. When you submit your inquiry with the school, inquire about more information on the program.

Many of our current or past students have used their Internship programs to meet their university requirements for their field of study, i.e. business. International Internships look wonderful on a Resume or CV in light of the fact that much of today’s business is conducted on a global scale.

The program is designed to be half work experience and half cultural experience. Students sign up with the Spanish schools for assistance in Internship placement and lodging/housing. Students are possibly required to take a minimum of week or several weeks, of Spanish classes, in order to be immersed into the working environment. Each school will have their own Spanish evaluation of students level of Spanish.

The Spanish experience will enhance the student’s language skills and enable them to better communicate with associated companies. If they’re fluent in Spanish, we can also assist with coordinating a program. There is also a requirement on amount of time needed per Internship which can range from 1-3 months.

While participating in an internship, students will be lodged either with a host family. Students are also responsible for providing their own health and travel insurance during the duration of time they spend in the program.


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