SANTIAGO, CHILE Become an international intern and experience different worldviews. 

ECELA works together with different companies in Santiago, Chile to provide our students with internships.

It is ideal for students who want to gain practical experience and language proficiency at the same time. Placements are available only in Santiago and have a duration of two to nine months. All internships are unpaid. They are evaluated and supervised throughout the placement. Students may arrange for credit through their home university.

The Spanish & Internship Itinerary

• You will start with at least two weeks of Spanish classes to improve your Spanish and become acclimated to the dialect as well as your new environment.

• Internship Interviews: your interview will take place sometime during the last two weeks of your Spanish program.

• Internship Placement: you will begin immediately following the end of your Spanish program. The internship length is between two and nine months, however we recommend that you devote as much time as possible to the program in order to have a well-rounded experience.

• Spanish Classes and Internship Certification: You will receive your diploma for your Spanish courses at the end of your program.

• Continuing support: our school is your casa and you are always welcome to use the Internet or to stop by for any help that you may need.

The program includes

• Registration fee

• 2+ weeks standard Spanish course with native speaking professors. Inquire about class details

• Internship placement (2-9 months)
• Housing Inquire about housing details

Internships Position in Chile

• Marketing

• Tourism & hotel management

• Economics

• International business

• Language instruction (English, French and German)

• News media

The application must be submitted two months prior to the program’s start date. Please fill out the registration form, at the bottom choose “Internships,” and in the comments field please describe:

• Desired internship field.

• Planned duration of the internship.

• Prior experience in the area.

• Spanish background (minimum of intermediate ability level required for internship program)

Your assigned student adviser will contact you for a copy of your resume with a photo (in Chile this is a standard requirement). In order to reserve a spot on the program, you should apply two months prior to the program start date and must pay a processing fee of $500 USD. This fee is non-refundable and will be used to translate your resume and arrange your placement interviews.


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