Ecela - Buenos Aires, Argrentina

250x150.jpgIf you’ve ever dreamt of an ideal location to learn Spanish and experience Latin dance-Tango, fine cuisines, wines, art, history, and Ecotourism now is the time to visit. Due to its size, Argentina offers a vast assortment of activities and locations to experience. One week will not be enough to see so many places.

Argentina offers an large array of experiences for any Spanish student. The experience starts with the Spanish program. Studying the language and staying with a host family in Buenos Aires, you’ll feel like you’re actually living in the country.

The immersion method is the best way to really enhance your Spanish skills. The Spanish Teachers are all professionals in their field and have been teaching for several years. Your learning experience will typically take place in small class sizes with a maximum 7 students. This is in contrast to many traditional large university class sizes.

Students can adjust their learning levels from beginner to intermediate, or advanced. On top of the Spanish classes, students can visit several locations within the city such as Tango shows or dance classes. The tango is an integral part of the Argentinean culture and is well known around the world. Students can participate in dance classes with the programs.

During down times, students can also experience fine cuisine the country offers. Because of the economic recession a few years ago, prices have remained fairly affordable for most tourists. Discover the many flavors and dishes this country has to offer.

Another great experience is trying some of the countries best wines and art. As a producer of wines, it competes well amongst the elite wine producers of the world. Fine art can also be perused at the city’s famous museums, national theatre, and street art.

There are also plenty of other activities participate in and learn from such as historical landmarks, like Caminito, Recoleta cemetery, and many more.

But to really maximize their experience, students can wander further out of the city and explore many Ecotourism sites; from as far as the north side of Iguazu waterfalls, down south in Patagonia. Rich and natural experiences such as these make the travel to Argentina more than worthwhile.

Buenos Aires is a major hub for connecting cities and surrounding countries. Its very comfortable and reliable buses make it possible to cross the border to Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia or Uruguay. Whichever direction you go, there is bound to be a bus available. The city is a vibrant and electric, especially since many of the night life places close as early as 6am.

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