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Study Spanish in SamaraAbout Samara Beach Campus
In addition to the Heredia campus, students are offered the chance to study in Playa Sámara during the weeks they choose to do so. The campus is a beautiful, new beachfront building overlooking the ocean, with gardens leading straight to the sand. Each classroom has AC and full audio-visual equipment, as in Heredia.

Sámara is located on the northern pacific coast and is a beautiful white sand beach lined with palm trees. The ocean is ideal for swimming and snorkeling, as it is protected by an offshore coral reef.

Students are housed in local homestays, or they can choose shared rooms in the hotel, with AC, hot water, balcony, and pool, on a space-available basis.

The range of activities for outside class time includes: horseback riding; kayaking; bicycle rentals; surfing; visits to waterfalls; canopy tour; trips to nearby beaches and national parks; bar/discotheques; restaurants and more.

About the School Program

The school program uses a combination of immersion teaching methods centered around the Communicative Approach with a solid grammar component. Instead of a traditional grammar program, classes are designed to provide a fully balanced intensive immersion experience for students. This means that they incorporate all aspects of language acquisition: conversation, grammar, reading, writing, general comprehension and idiomatic expressions.

The teacher’s role is seen as one of facilitator, where the students have input into their own learning, thereby making it more meaningful to their own experience. In addition to formal textbooks, they use a wide variety of current materials: newspapers, literature, audiocassettes/CD’s, videos, advertisements, music, short stories and more.

Classes also incorporate field trips and out-of-class learning. Thus classes remain interesting as well as educational!

The core Spanish program consists of thirteen different levels, from complete beginner through advanced. After these have been completed, students continue with six additional levels of high-advanced to superior level Spanish, which develop upon the literature used in lower levels and intensify work towards full proficiency in the various areas of language acquisition.

Specialized courses are offered for those who wish to study specific topics such as business, medical or media Spanish.

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Please observe days the campus is closed:
JANUARY 1: New Years Day
APRIL 11: Juan Santamaría Day (Costa Rica's national hero)
APRIL 10-14: Easter Week
MAY 1: Costa Rican Labor Day
JULY 25: Annexation of Guanacaste
AUGUST 15: Mother's Day
SEPTEMBER 15: Costa Rican Independence Day
OCTOBER 12: "Día de la Raza" Indigenous Peoples' Day
DECEMBER: 11-29 Christmas Holidays

Each month offers new activities and a calendar of special events plus a variety of fun excursions, which are accompanied by a staff member who encourages all students to participate so as to promote social interaction with the locals. These activities include special dance or theater shows; soccer games; discussion groups; live music; discos and more. For some of the more important national holidays, the staff presents educational performances relevant to the occasion.

LATIN DANCE CLASSES: From Monday through Thursday students have the opportunity to participate in classes where they will learn salsa, merengue, cumbia and marcado, the most popular dances in Costa Rica. This enables them to go to discos with confidence and interact with Costa Ricans. In Sámara, dance class is once or twice a week.

LECTURES: Periodic talks are held that cover a wide range of subjects and inform students about topics such as the ecology and environment of Costa Rica, Latin-American literature and politics. In addition, permanently scheduled lecture series are offered on the indigenous culture, peoples, and languages of Costa Rica.

INTERCAMBIOS: During these cultural exchanges Spanish students meet with Costa Rican students at the school to practice conversation skills in a relaxed atmosphere, and to make new friends from the local community.

COOKING CLASS: Once a week students are taught how to make typical Costa Rican dishes, a nice skill to take home and share with friends and family!

LATIN MUSIC CLASS: In this weekly class students learn traditional and modern songs from different Spanish-speaking countries, analyzing their meaning and cultural significance. Feel free to join in and bring your own instrument!

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