Study Spanish in Turrialba

Study Spanish in TurrialbaThe Turrialba school is located about one and a half hours from San Jose. With a population of about 40,000 it’s a town that is not to be missed. It’s a relatively affluent middle-class town by Costa Rican standards and offers plenty of opportunities for cultural experiences. The town isn’t as media saturated as many places and is an ideal location to study Spanish away from the tourist centers.

The people take a simple, positive approach to living and the town is very tranquil with plenty of activities from mountain biking, running, hiking, horseback riding, swimming in almost Olympic size pools, dancing (salsa, meringue, and cumbia), cooking, rafting, kayaking, and much more. It’s an easy environment to engage in the Immersion process.

About the School Program
The school program uses a combination of immersion teaching methods centered around the Communicative Approach with a solid grammar component. Instead of a traditional grammar program, classes are designed to provide a fully balanced intensive immersion experience for students.

This means that they incorporate all aspects of language acquisition: conversation, grammar, reading, writing, general comprehension and idiomatic expressions. The teacher’s role is seen as one of facilitator, where the students have input into their own learning, thereby making it more meaningful to their own experience.

In addition to formal textbooks, they use a wide variety of current materials: newspapers, literature, audiocassettes/CD’s, videos, advertisements, music, short stories and more. Classes also incorporate field trips and out-of-class learning. Thus classes remain interesting as well as educational!

There is a maximum of four students per class.

This designed so that the students received full attention from instructors. It also allows an open forum for discussion on topics such as daily classroom materials, culture, politics, tourism, and many more.

All the classes are held in Spanish. But administrators and some of the instructors are fluent in English, so when a question needs to be answered properly, it can be clarified. Universal philosophy for all the Spanish schools is, speak Spanish only. Classes are generalyy from Monday thru Friday and start at 8:00 am til 12:30 pm and break time is two fifteen minutes in between.

Host Families or Student Housing (Cabinas/School Stay)
Host families are different in each location. In small towns like Turrialba, host families are, for the most part, middle class and educated. In these houses, you will find basic comfort amenities like a nice TV, computers, modern furnishings and clean houses.

With that said, most of the families in Turrialba are extremely motivated to help students learn to communicate and have a desire for students to comeway from their visit with a positive experience. All host families are very friendly and love to chat when they get a chance.

The school will work closely with families that best suite the programs needs. If student decide to not participate in the host family program there are plenty of hotels in the area to choose from. However, we highly recommend staying with a family in order to give oneself many more opportunities to be fully engaged Immersion process.

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