Ecela - Lima, Peru

lima.jpgLima is located on the central coast of Peru, touching the Pacific Ocean.  The city is full of history and culture, endless beaches,  hills and mountains, nightlife, the possibility to see  Cuzco,  Machu Picchu and much more. Although four hundred years have passed since its foundation,  Lima, known as the City of the Kings, has managed to hold onto  its  traditions  from pre-Inca and Inca times. Strolling through the  streets and squares  of the historic center of Lima is like stepping  back in time.

Take in Lima’s colonial architecture, for which it was declared a  UNESCO World Heritage Site. In almost all of Lima’s  neighborhoods, you can enjoy an exciting nightlife with many  enticing possibilities: casinos, discos, bars, pubs, folklore shows  and restaurants where you can enjoy and dance to local music.

Our school is located on the coast in Lima, in the prestigious neighborhood of Miraflores. Just a couple of blocks from the Pacific shore. The weather is warm year round. Miraflores is one of the most secure and modern neighborhoods in Lima, with a wide variety of restaurants, hotels, discos, parks, modern shopping centers, beaches and tourist attractions to visit. It is the perfect place for a Spanish immersion experience!

Our Spanish language programs are designed so that you will meet your Spanish goals in a short period of time.
Join one of our programs (start date every Monday):
- Group Lessons: 20 hours per week, 12 levels, maximum 7 students per class
- Private Lessons: 10-20 hours per week
- Group + Private: 25-30 hours per week

School will be closed on the dates below, these lessons will not be refunded or made up.
- Lima: 1 Jan, 10 Apr, 28 Jul.

Other holidays lessons will not be refunded. A conversation club will be organized instead.
- Lima: 9 Apr, 29 Jun, 29 Jul, 30 Aug, 8 Oct, 1 Nov, 8 Dec.

Year 2010: 9 Apr, 29 Jun, 29 Jul, 30 Aug, 8 Oct, 1 Nov, 8 Dec, 24 Dec, 31 Dec.

There are several housing options. We can reserve you a room in a student apartment or organize a home stay with a local, upper-middle class Peruvian family. Of course, it is also possible to arrange your own accommodations.

During the week you can explore the different neighborhoods in Lima,  visit a various museums and cultural attractions, and enjoy the nightlife,  beautiful beaches, landscapes, and good food and drink. On the  weekend  you can travel north or south and find even more interesting  sights. To  the north you can go trekking, visit lakes and hot springs and  get to  know the Chancay and Chimu cultures.
To the south, in Cañete y Lunahuna, you can take part in adventure sports such as canoeing, mountain biking, paragliding and trekking, as well as visit a variety of beaches, some of which are ideal surfing spots.

Special Programs
Spanish & Surf
Learn Spanish in Lima and you will be very close to great beaches with large waves for surfing.
Combine your Spanish course with surf lessons.
Two 3-hour classes per week include instructor, surf board, and wetsuit.
Price:  $80

Contact Course Provider for More Information.


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