About Spain

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Spain.jpgSpain is located in Europe just south of France and East of Portugal with the capital in Madrid. Known as the, “Kingdom of Spain” it’s rich history dates back to pre-historic times, the rise and fall of a global empire through Spain's modern-day renaissance in the post-Franco era.

It’s official language is Spanish (Castilian). Spain also offers fertile farmland, and folklore, flamenco shows, bullfighting, and great culinary foods such as Tapas. Through out the year, Spain offers various festivals. The best festivals are mostly concentrated between Semana Santa (the week leading up to Easter Sunday) and September to October. The country is also known for its Mediterranean landscape, broad beaches, and sheltered coves - but more than anything, it's the variety of things to do which captivates people year after year.

The country has been a top destination for study abroad programs in Spanish. Because of the rich history and culture, many students have an amazing experience. With flights to Spain from the US and Canada, ranging from 5 to 15 hours, many carriers service the country flying into the capital of Madrid and other major cities. Once you arrive in a major city such as Madrid, Barcelona or Sevilla, there are airports, train stations, bus stations that connect to other big and small cities. As almost everywhere in Europe, Spain has accessible transportation, which enables students to easily explore the countryside on their days off. Students can visit nearby countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Belguim, England, Portugal, and even Morocco.

Spain can be enjoyable any time of year. The best months to visit are April, May, June September, and October. The hottest times are July and August. During the winter time, the northern parts of Spain are a lot colder, and in the southern parts, the weather tends to be on the milder side.

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