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BarcelonaWhy study in Barcelona, Spain?
Learning a language is much more than just learning the grammar. By studying Spanish in Spain you learn to communicate in real-life situations. You will also learn about the Spanish culture. Spain is a country with a great variety of landscapes and culture and Barcelona is one of the most fascinating cities.

Barcelona is the 2nd biggest city in Spain in both size and population and is located in autonomous community of Catalonia on the Mediterranean coast. The summers are warm and the winters mild in Barcelona. The city has also a very international atmosphere since it receives a large amount of tourists from all over the world every year.

There is always something happening in Barcelona as it offers a large range of both cultural and leisure activities. The city is famous for its modernist architecture and the beautiful masterworks Sagrada Família and La Pedrera by Gaudí. Art lovers will enjoy the variety of museums and art galleries, including art from Miró, Picasso and Dalí to contemporary art of the museum MACBA.

Also the outdoor life can be enjoyed in many different ways. The different districts of the city have all their own special spirit maintained from the era when they were villages separate from each other.  During the summer time festivals are organized in each district of the city. Today the historic Gothic Quarter is still the heart of the Barcelona with the narrow streets filled with small cafes, restaurants and shops.

While in Barcelona you should also explore the mountains surrounding the city, such as Montjuïc and Tibidabo as well as the parks Parc de Ciutadella and Parc Güell. Barcelona has a beautiful coastline – what could be a better way to enjoy the day than heading to the beach of Barceloneta with your class mates after or before your Spanish lessons!

In spite of being a city that never sleeps, the Spaniards still enjoy their siesta which makes the city a bit quieter during the afternoon hours. Between 2pm and 5pm many of the shops are closed but after that are open until 8pm or later. Late dinners are part of the everyday life of the Catalans. The variety of restaurants, bars and night clubs gives Barcelona one of its cosmopolitan characteristics.

While living and studying in Barcelona, you will definitely enjoy the atmosphere in the city that is both dynamic and relaxed at the same time.

Olé Languages is situated in the city centre of Barcelona within 15 minutes walking distance from Plaça Catalunya. It is located on a picturesque, pedestrian avenue, the Avenida Mistral in the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni that features many small shops, restaurants and little local cafes and bars with outdoor terrazas.
The school is furthermore very well connected to public transport, the metro as well as buses.

Air Conditioning: The school has 10 classrooms, which are equipped with air-conditioning during the hot summer and with heating during the cold winter months.

Internet and Free Computers: The school has common areas equipped with computers and free Internet access. You can call to your friends via Skype or chat with your friends over Messenger. If you prefer working with your computer you can also use the wireless network, WiFi.

Library: Since you can learn a language in many ways, we also provide DVD films in Spanish as well as books to speed up the learning.

Self-Study Materials :  Our teachers can always be approached for more exercises or advice on how to speed up the learning process. However, if you like to put in extra studying time Olé provides self-study software that can be used on either the school’s or on your own computer.

Money Reception:   Withdrawing money from a non-Spanish account can be quiet expensive in the long run. In case you stay in Barcelona for a while but don’t want to open a bank account Olé gives you the possibly to transfer money to the schools account and we hand you the money in cash.

Fax & Photo Copies : Against a small fee, students have the possibility to send and receive faxes and to use the school’s photocopier.

Language Exchange : We believe that the best addition to formal language lessons are language exchanges with local people. We therefore offer you the possibility to arrange language exchanges through our website. Click here to fill out the form.

The school offers a wide variety of Spanish courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners that range from a maximum of 25 hours to a minimum of 4 hours per week. We also offer private lessons and conversation classes as well as preparation courses for D.E.L.E., the official certificate of Spanish as a foreign language.

The courses run from Monday to Friday and take place in the mornings, afternoons or evenings throughout the whole year. The duration of the course is very flexible starting with a minimum study period of one week. One of the reasons for the popularity of our school is also that the students have the possibility to extend the course on a weekly basis up to a year or until the advanced level has been successfully completed. And not only that, but with each week the prices also get lower.

Olé Languages offers an excellent quality of teaching to a significantly lower price than the large majority of Spanish schools in Barcelona. 99% of our students evaluated the relation between price and quality at Olé as “Muy Bueno.”
Please click here to see the course prices.

The courses generally start on Mondays. If you already have some basic understanding of Spanish, it is possible start any course on any Monday. Absolute beginners can start a 20 hours’ intensive or 10 hours’ semi-intensive course every other week.
All our teachers are highly qualified, enthusiastic and native speakers of Spanish. We also believe that small study groups are decisive for the learning success. Therefore the class size is limited to eight students.

The courses run throughout the year except the holidays. During 2010 the school will be closed:
Apr 2nd, Apr 5th,  May 24th, June 24th, Sep 24th, Oct 12th, Nov 1st, Dec 6th, Dec 8th, Dec 20th – 31st.

The students are also invited to attend to the weekly arranged cultural events. These include Salsa night, Tapas and flamenco night, Gaudí Tour, Dalí tour etc.  Every Thursday night the school arranges an informal get-together in the city center when the students can meet each other whilst exploring the city´s urban night life.  The school staff is also happy to give you any tourist information you might need before and while your stay in Barcelona.

Accommodation is an important part of the experience of living in Spain. We offer different options for accommodation for our students.

Our host families are carefully chosen. As you will be living with a Spanish speaking family, you will also practice your Spanish outside the school classes and experience how the local people live.  Your host family may be a family with parents and children or it can also be a single parent (often an elderly woman) who enjoys the company.

You can choose to stay in a single room or share a room with another student. Furthermore you can choose to have breakfast or half board (breakfast and dinner). You will eat at local times and you will also eat the local Mediterranean food, although the family will take your preferences into account as much as possible.

In our shared flats you will either live with other Olé students or with local people.  In the shared flat you will prepare your own meals and interact with people from different countries.  All the apartments are totally equipped and you will share the kitchen and bathroom with the others. You can choose either a single room or a double room.

Contact course provider for more details.


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